Before You Build

It is imperative that NO construction such as roads,water, sewer lines, and structures be started without first notifiying the CBPOA Board of Directors of your intent.

READ the CC&R’s and the Land Use Plan to insure that what you intend is permissible. WRITE a letter of your intentions to the Board of Directors. Email the President here:

CONTACT the Architectural-Landscaping Committee Chairperson. Email her here:

SUBMIT a drawing to the Architectural-Landscaping Committee so that they can verify your residence or structure blends with our “Lakeside” residential community. Do this prior to having architectural drawings done.

Include the following:

Have your property surveyed. After completing the above tasks the Architectural-Landscaping Committee needs the following:

Please copy and reduce your elevation plans to 11″ x 17″. These will be retained for the Architectural-Landscaping Committee records. The committee DOES NOT need electrical, heating or plumbing plans.

Per CC&R’s colors MUST be earthtones. This ensures all structures will blend with our environment. NO bright colors,blues, yellows or pure white will be accepted. After the Architectural-Landscaping Committee receives all of the above they will present their recommendations to the Board of Directors. You will be notified IN WRITING of their decision and recommendations. Remember: All septic tanks must be a minimum of 1000 gallons. A shutoff valve and water meter must be placed at the time you connect to the water system. This allows the association to isolate any leaks or ruptures without turning off every ones water supply.

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