What Your Fees Buy

As of July 2018 our current monthly assessments breaks down in the following manner:

For all properties:

General Operations – $57.44 monthly

This is billed per property and is paid into the general operations
Water production testing, supplies and management
Electricity for utilities and common areas
Property taxes on common areas, State and Federal Taxes
Insurance – Property and Commercial Liability, Directors and Officers, Airstrip
Professional fees – Accounting, Engineering and Legal
Office supplies and postage
Repairs other than capital for your community assets, for the following:
+ Airstrip
+ Marina, beach, picnic area and marina parking area
+ Roads
+ Water (water plant, hydrants for fire suppression and piping)
+ Wastewater (lift stations, lagoon and piping)

Waste Water General Maintenance Fee – $12.16monthly

New Wastewater System Operating Fee – $27.56 monthly for EDU’s connected to the system, $4.63 monthly for EDU’s not yet connected to the system

Wastewater Loan Repayment – $42.00 monthly

This will continue for 360 months beginning September 1, 2015 or until the loan is paid off.

Accounting Fee – $8.11 monthly

This is an accounting fee per member paid to Association Services Incorporated for accounts management

Marina Operating & Maintenance Assessment – $4.41 monthly for slip owners, $1.10 monthly for non-slip owners

This Fund was established by action of the 2015 Annual General Meeting

For properties with homes built (except those properties where water is unavailable):

Water Consumption (up to 10,000 gallons per month) – $19.15 monthly

Meters are read 3 times per year (Spring, Summer and Fall) overages are calculated and billed out to members who use over the allotted gallons for that period. New construction call for hook up and hydrant fee information.

Additional Charges for Marina Members:

All Boat slip owners with and without canopies will be charged a yearly Submerged Land Leases fee. This fee is billed by the State of Idaho in December of each year. Those costs are passed through to the slip members at approximately $125.00 annually.

Slip members with canopies are charged for fall removal, repairs storage and summer set up of canopies. These fees are charged annually and may vary depending on the degree of canopy repair (if any) and the length of storage required. Please contact us to get the most current figures.

For properties anticipating connecting to CBPOA water & wastewater services:

Water hookup fee $4,000 effective January 1, 2018
Wastewater hookup fee $4,000 effective January 1, 2018
(to be coordinated with the Board of Directors)

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