The Lodge at Carlin Bay – Update August 12, 2017

To the CBPOA membership,

We are writing to offer an update to our research and development of a proposal that would potentially allow for our Association to offer expanded waste water services to The Lodge at Carlin Bay. This work is being done under the direction of the gathered body of CBPOA members at the Annual General Meeting in July.

In the weeks immediately after the AGM, we invited the membership to offer whatever comments and questions they would like to have considered in this process. We read those comments carefully and compiled a list of issues we felt would need to be addressed before the Association would be willing to move forward.

On July 31, 2017, we forwarded the list of issues along with much of the raw data we had collected (names redacted) to The Lodge at Carlin Bay. What we wanted to know from them is whether they were willing to continue conversations with CBPOA in the context of our member’s concerns.

On August 10, 2017, we met with the owners of The Lodge at Carlin Bay and received strong support to continue the conversations.

Based on that, we have agreed to take a period of 2-3 months to work with The Lodge at Carlin Bay, their engineers and our engineers, their attorney and our attorney to develop a detailed proposal to bring to the CBPOA membership for your consideration. That proposal will address the issues raised at the AGM and in the comment period that followed.

Within the next couple of weeks we will begin developing an FAQ document on the CBPOA Web site to address those issues. It will be a dynamic, living document that will change and grow as this process unfolds.

There will be some expense involved in this process. The Lodge at Carlin Bay has agreed to reimburse CBPOA for those expenses.

As is always true, we welcome your input in the work we do on your behalf.

CBPOA Board of Directors
Benjamin Crosby, President
Tony Verdoia, Vice President
Scott McCrea, Secretary
Ernie Dorow, Treasurer
Richard Miller, Member At Large