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The airstrip at Carlin Bay is a tremendous feature of the community. The first 1250′ is paved with the remaining grass and gravel. The 2750′ by 42′ airstrip is about 2700′ MSL. The airstrip is maintained by and belongs to the community. The airport is identified as ID43 and is about 14 miles south southeast of the Coeur d’Alene airport VOR.

The airstrip has home sites adjacent to it so that a few properties have direct access to the field. For other home owners who do not have property adjacent to the runway there is a hangar site where community members can build a hangar on property leased from the community or a member may rent an existing 42′ x 32′ privately owned hangar constructed in 2008. There are multiple sites adjacent to the airstrip for guest aircraft parking.

Carlin Bay is a private airstrip. We welcome invited guests and request that all pilots flying into the airstrip have permission from a CBPOA member to operate into the field. We also ask pilots to place the CBPOA as an additional insured on the insurance policy of the aircraft they choose to fly into Carlin Bay.

The airstrip is oriented northeast and southwest. Pilots most often land to the northeast and take off to the southwest. The ‘lake’ end, or southwest end of the airstrip falls off steeply so that there are no obstacles that obstruct a takeoff towards or landing from that direction. The northeast portion of the runway slopes uphill in the last thousand feet at about a 3 to 4 degree slope which during a landing to the northeast can assist in slowing the aircraft and during a takeoff towards the lake assists in acceleration.

There are many tall trees alongside the airstrip and trees and rising terrain in the hills from the north through the southeast. Please give sufficient consideration to managing a successful go around should the need present itself. A draw or small valley to the southeast of the field leading to the lake might provide a valuable go around route.

The airstrip is not fenced. There is wildlife and domestic animals in the area that could occupy the airstrip at any time. Community members also use the airstrip as a walking route. Please keep this in mind as you manage your approach or departure.

Pilots are requested to use 122.8 when operating at/near Carlin Bay.

The airstrip has no services or other facilities on the field. The airstrip is not lighted. Cell phone service is marginal. Verizon seems to have the best coverage.

For those planning to visit the airstrip or facilities or to fly in to visit someone in the community please contact one of the members listed under the airstrip committee for additional information.

Suggestions for Defensive Flying at KCOE, Lake Coeur d’Alene corridor and within 10 miles of KCOE:

  1. Provide position reports by radio on 122.8 (122.9 at Brooks not recommended). Report on the Lake – North Shore, Carlin Bay, South End, Harrison.
  2. Equip aircraft with ADS-B, In and Out.
  3. Have all lights on. Wig-wag lights are fairly cheap and can be seen from a long distance.
  4. Fly the common right-of-way rules – on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Follow the right side of the lake, west side, if southbound; follow the right side of the lake, east side, if northbound.
  5. Have your head on a swivel and raise your wings often to scan for traffic. Brief passengers before each flight on how to spot traffic and how to advise without distracting you. Keep your head out of the cockpit most of the time rather than focusing on the panel.
  6. Use sunglasses, but not polarized, as you want to see the glare of other aircraft.
  7. Keep a clean windshield.
  8. During climb-out, make S-turns for improved forward visibility. Climb at a gentle rate for forward visibility.
  9. Don’t do anything stupid!