Before You Build

Building a home can be a daunting process. There are many boxes to check and approvals to receive before your project is complete. We are hoping this sheet will make the process of building in Carlin Bay Property Association a little easier and save you time, frustration, and money. It will answer some of the most common questions and direct you to applicable sections of the CC&R’s.

There are specific guidelines related to tree removal, fences, gates and animals that don’t tie specifically to building, but you will want to become familiar with if any of these relate to you. See selected sections below.

Before You Build

Prior to building construction/placement of roads, water, sewer lines, and any structure, you must first notify the Board of Directors of your intent. You may request the Architectural-Landscaping Committee to do an initial review of your House and Plot/Lot plan before you submit them to the county; this will help you be assured that your plans meet CC&R’s and avoid a resubmit to the county. This initial review is not an approval to start a project, it is just a review to make sure what you intend to build falls within CC&R regulations. A full packet, as stated below, is required for a review and approval. Please note that once a FULL PACKET, with ALL the items listed below, is received, the Architectural-Landscaping Committee reserves 30 days for review. After the Architectural-Landscaping Committee approves, the Board of Directors will review all information and issue an approval. The Board of Directors also reserves an additional 30 day time period in which to take action. Plan ahead for this time requirement. Packets must be sent complete, piece by piece information will be returned.

Please review the CC&R’s and Land Use Plan (see CC&R’s section on the website, list is below) to ensure that what you intend is permissible. CC&R’s vary depending on your land location. Please know in which subdivision your land is located and note any requirements specific to that subdivision. Please submit your plans in writing to the Board of Directors (see email below).The following checklist shows required items for your project to be ready for review and approval. Further items may be requested as needed.


  • Property owner’s name, contact information.
  • Legal county parcel description and number, street address if assigned.
  • Builder’s information (name, phone number) if builder has been selected.
  • Builders Certificate of Insurance.
  • Beginning Date of Construction.
  • Anticipated Completion of Construction Date.
  • A scaled Land Use Plot Plan that shows building site access, fencing and gates. The positions of the primary dwelling and all appurtenant structures with all the setback distances clearly marked. CBPOA setback requirements are greater than what the county requires. Minimum side setbacks are 15 feet and 25 feet setbacks for front and back. (30 feet/30 feet respectively if your property is over 4 acres). Include location of propane tank. Note: If a propane tank is to be buried, the homeowner will have to contact East Side Fire Service and disclose the location of the buried tank. * PLOT PLAN MUST HAVE COUNTY APPROVED STAMP FOR FINAL APPROVAL.
  • Kootenai County stamped plans, showing all elevations of any building to be constructed. Scaled floor plans of each building shown on plot plan showing elevations. * HOUSE PLANS MUST HAVE COUNTY APPROVED STAMP ON EACH PAGE FOR FINAL APPROVAL. Please copy and reduce your elevation plans to 11″ x 17″. These will be retained for the Architectural-Landscaping Committee records. The committee does not need electrical, heating or plumbing plans.
  • Color samples for main exterior and trim, roofing material type and color. Colors must be earth tones, to blend with our environment. No bright colors, blues, yellows or pure whites.
  • Remember: All septic tanks must be a minimum of 1,000 gallons. A shutoff valve and water meter must be placed at your property prior to the start of your build. This allows you to have access to water during the building process and the Association to isolate any leaks or ruptures without turning off the community supply.
  • NOTE: Fees for water and wastewater hookup must be paid prior to receiving a will-serve letter. This letter is necessary to receive your County Stamped Plans.

* The Architectural-Landscaping Committee requests that ALL the information mentioned above be submitted in ONE emailed packet. When ALL documents are received, the Committee reserves 30 days to review the packet and pass it on to the Board of Directors for final Approval. The Board of Directors also reserves an additional 30 days to review the project and give final approval. Please note this timeline requirement.

After the Architectural-Landscaping Committee receives all of the above they will present their recommendations to the Board of Directors. You will be notified in writing of the decision and recommendations.

Please email your request including the items listed above to the following email addresses:

Board of Directors:

Architectural-Landscaping Committee:

Here are some of the related sections of the CC&R’s and Land Use Plan.

Land Use requirements CC&R’s C 76.00 through C 88.00 for information and definitions of the following:

  • Land Use Plan C 76.00
  • Access and Fencing C 78.00
  • Setbacks C 80.00
  • Primary structures C 82.00
  • Appurtenant Structures C 84.00
  • Community Standards C 86.00
  • Construction and Renovations C 88.00

The intent of the process is to preserve the “Lakeside” residential community. In ensuring your information is provided with adequate time for review, it allows for your residence or structure to be reviewed prior to work being started.