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Association Members: If you purchase a boat slip in the Marina from an Association Member, you must be a current member and deliver a Bill of Sale to the CBPOA Board of Directors via Sentry Management, Inc. and to the Marina Manager.   Click here for a Bill of Sale form.

Marina/Beach Rules

Just a few do’s and don’ts to pass on, most of which will be posted on the new bulletin board:

  1. Please use substantial sized mooring lines and tie up your vessels to the provided rings and cleats. Several boats last year broke loose due to the boat owner using questionable mooring practices. One boat sank during the year and only due to substantial mooring did it not sink completely. Checking your boat frequently should also help prevent problems.
  2. Tie up your vessel so that it does not make contact with the rub rail which is installed around each slip. The rub rails take the place of bumpers normally hung over the side of your vessel. Vessel bumpers tend to cause damage to the rub rail in heavy lake action when tied too close to the slip fingers. Remember, you are responsible for damages to any part of the marina structure that you may cause including the finger rub rails.
  3. Do not install anything on any part of the marina structure without Association permission. Your committee is working on standardized dock boxes and their placement.
  4. Keep your electrical extension cords to your vessel free of becoming a tripping hazard.
  5. Slip Owners – You own the mooring rights in the space between the fingers and are responsible for taking action if someone is moored in your slip illegally. Please inform the sheriff (their telephone number will be posted) and have them make an official report of the instance including the vessel type, hull number and any other information that is available. Do not call any Association Board member or Marina committee member as they can not take any action to help until the Sheriff makes a report and is involved with an official removal effort.
  6. Please remember that dogs are not allowed in the beach area. There are signs at the entrance to the beach and several instances last year caused concern. Volunteers were also needed to clean up the “presents” that were left on the beach. On the Marina structure, pets must be kept on a leash or carried, and owners must clean up after them and dispose of waste.

Thank you Association members for all of your help! Have a great boating season and enjoy this treasure that we all own on the lake.Have a fun and safe boating season.  The Marina Manager.

Boat Slips for Lease

If you have a boat slip available for lease during the current season, please contact the Marina Manager (contact information on the Association Leadership page). Available slips will be posted on the Classifieds page of this site. Please note that marina slip owners need to have their renters sign an agreement and file the agreement with the Marina Manager.  Click here to download a sample agreement.

Marina Vessel Information Form

Association boaters are required to fill out an annual information form and file it with the Board of Directors. Click here to download the form.